Help End Unwanted Calls.

We want to help you block unwanted calls. This website tracks the complaints filed by consumers to the FCC (and not the Do Not Call List which is run by the FTC). We want to help you use this data to better understand if a phone number that just called you is a wanted or unwanted call.

Please use this information with discretion. The data has been reported by consumers like you and should not be considered truth, but directionally correct in aggregate. Here is the FCC’s official statement regarding his data:

This data is for unwanted calls (telemarketing or robocalls). Individual informal consumer complaint data detailing complaints filed with the Consumer Help Center beginning October 31, 2014. This data represents information selected by the consumer. The FCC does not verify the facts alleged in these complaints.

 – US Federal Communications Commission

The FCC gives this data to phone companies so they can block unwanted calls to your phone. Some phone companies are using the data for this purpose, some are not.

It is in your duty to report unwanted calls to the FCC. The more complaints they get about a number, the more likely the phone companies will use that data to block that call from getting to your phone in the future.

NOTE: This is not the Do Not Call List maintained by the Federal TRADE Commission (FTC). If you want to report an unwanted call to the Do Not Call List >>> CLICK HERE.

But you should also report that call to the FCC also >>> CLICK HERE.

(Reporting your call to the FCC will probably do more to help stop unwanted calls, and it only takes a few minutes).