Unwanted Phone Call Complaints Filed with the FCC

This data is a summary of the consumer complaints filed with the FCC for the phone number 908-872-8712. The links below will guide you to additional information about these complaints. If enough complaints are filed, then phone companies can use this data to block calls from this phone number from ever calling your phone again. If this number called you and was an unwanted call, please consider filing a complaint with the FCC. If you do file a complaint, let us know in the comments below.

Total Number of Complaints Filed:

Phone Number


The Date of the Last Complaint Filed for 908-872-8712:

Phone Number
Date of Last Complaint Filed



908-872-8712 is not currently being blocked by these Call Blockers because there are not enough complaints filed with the FCC.

Did you get an unwanted call or robocall from this number?

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